Do you know Minho?


… the prodigious spectacle, which makes love Portugal[…]”

Camilo Castelo Branco

Surrounded by a green horizon, there is a small territory that hides a whole world. An ideal territory for landscape lovers, to enjoy the best thermal hot springs and SPAs, to enjoy the richest arts and gastronomy, to discover villages, lots and gardens, to taste a good Vinho Verde and to practice various nature sports.

The people of Minho appreciate the generosity of the land by cultivating this green mantle, punctuated with flowers and fertilized by water courses. And because the Minhoto people are enterprising, the region opens itself to new technologies and creative industries, welcomes contemporaneity in its diligent arms. But it is not only the hard work that the region lives in – in times of celebration, the minhotos animate the days with happy and colorful parties. And at meal time, behold, the table is offered, full and appetizing.

When the sun goes down, behind the serpentine contour of the mountains, calmness descends on the house and sweet intimacy lingers in the villages and villages, but a laugh still loosens, praising this territory where everything is near.

Discover Minho, discover your world!