Arcos de Valdevez

A magnificent county, bathed by the River Vez and framed by valleys and mountains, Arcos de Valdevez is surrounded by a stunning landscape that includes the only National Park of Portugal: Peneda-Gerês.

But it is not only nature that makes this territory so seductive – rich in traditions and history, in the streets of the Village you hear the stony murmur of the past, which tells heroic deeds that helped to found the Portuguese Nation.

And these alleys invite you to other challenges: those who join the lovers of excellent local cuisine to enjoy the surprising “Broa de Maize”, the succulent “Cachena” meat, the singular rice of the “Feijão Tarrestre” of the centenary “Laranja de Ermelo” (four Slow Food products, which are part of the “Arca do Gosto”) and the delicious “Charutos de Ovos”.

Ponte da Barca

Due to the toponym to the boat that until the end of the fourteenth century was the link between the two banks of the Lima River and the bridge that from that century crosses it, the very beautiful village of Ponte da Barca is aristocratic land, sown with chapels,
churches and palatial buildings with a granite countenance. Parallel to this historical heritage a modern village welcomes the present times.

With the fishing of the lamprey as one of its points of attraction, Ponte da Barca has in the hunting areas, in the nature sports, in the crafts, in the folklore and in the gastronomy irresistible appeals. And the landscape enchants with its murmurs of water and the green brushstrokes of nature.

Ponte de Lima

In the heart of Alto Minho, bathed in the serenity of the waters of Lima, Ponte de Lima is a reference in offering a wide range of tourism products and services characterized by innovation.

With unparalleled gastronomy, associated with the nobility of the wine laurel and the vineyard, it offers visitors an unforgettable stay, a result of peculiar national and internationally recognized qualities.

Ponte de Lima is environment, heritage, tradition, joy and celebration. Cradle of Housing Tourism and Rural Tourism, along with the International Festival of Gardens, Villa Plus Florida, Horse Fair, Golf, New Fairs …

Ponte de Lima is Land of Humanity!