Lígia Santos


Civil engineer training, always enjoyed cooking.

After a decade, working as an engineer, the Masterchef TV competition, which she won, represented only that “click”, the final push for the decision to definitely change the line and embrace the project that had long been built on his mind.
And because it is the sharing of knowledge and gastronomic experiences that develop great recipes, so came the MasterCOOK Club, as a starting point for the sharing and development of gastronomic experiences and where all are the main ingredient.

With its cuisine you want to spread and explore the flavors of Portugal. And if this is still able to add a hint of innovation, so much the better.
It has, always near, a corner of aromatic herbs, always fresh, always biological. It is that along with gastronomy has another passion, organic farming.

If it is in the art of wrapping where all your gastronomic inspiration ends, it is in sharing the tasting of your dishes that it reaches the maximum point of all your gastronomic adventure.
Bet on a contemporary treatment of our traditional cuisine through a touch of author and a dash of innovation.
He argues that the best gastronomy is worth for the genuine quality of the products that are used.
For you, cooking is above all a meeting place, yours and others.

In 2015 he inaugurated his new project Casas da Li – charming and flavour houses, a gastronomic tourism in a purely rural environment full of experiences at your fingertips.

Lígia Santos - Club Mastercook e Casas da Li
Famalicão 02/05/2012  - Chef Lígia Santos, vencedorea do concurso master chef.
(Leonel de Castro/Global Imagens)

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